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These units are powerful enough to bring in a catch unassisted by merely pushing a button. The Elec-Tra-Mate's quality and long life durability provide the enjoyment of fishing without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking. You can still set the drag, play the fish, and experience the feel of the fight.

These incredibly light and super strong Elec-Tra-Mate electric power units are great for trolling, casting, jigging, drifting and bottom fishing. The performance matched combination of the Elec-Tra-Mate and Penn Reels (sold separately) are ideal for salmon and trout, bass and bluefish, pike, cobia, and other similar species.

Works well in either fresh or salt water. Each unit comes stock with a remote push-button to be mounted on the fishing pole or anywhere on the wheelchair and a 10 foot power cord with solid copper alligator clips for direct connection to a 12 volt battery.

 The Elec-Tra-Mate 312HS weighs only 28.5 ounces comes with  the Penn 320GTi reel.  It has a retrieve speed of 322 feet per minute. The 312-HS is designed for heavy fresh water or light saltwater fishing and because of its lightweight and balance is perfect for physically challenged individuals. For complete portability, a battery pack and charger are also available separately. 

EM40 $820.00, p/h poa

Includes 312HS elec-tra-mate power unit, Penn 320 GTi reel, 10 foot power cord with solid copper Alligator clips for direct connection to 12 volt battery and remote waterproof switch.


312 HS Elec-Tra-Mate, shown with standard Push Button Switch and optional Battery Pack

THE  452-PTH
The 452-PTH enables individuals who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport of fishing without assistance. It has been designed to power the popular Penn SSV4500 Spinfisher Spinning Reels. Like other popular Elec-Tra-Mate models, the  452-PTH is easily attached to the side of a standard Penn Reel in literally minutes and is available with or without the reel. (Some assembly required).
Equally at home in both fresh and saltwater, the 452-PTH comes standard with a remote waterproof switch which is easily mounted on the fore-grip of the rod for one arm use.

 EM450  $820.00. p/h poa
Includes 452 PTH elec-tra-mate power unit, Penn SSV4500 spinning reel, 10 foot power cord with solid copper Alligator clips for direct connection to 12 volt battery, and remote waterproof switch

450 PTH Elec-Tra-Mate shown with standard Push button Switch

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Includes sealed battery, case, carry belt and wall charger.

EM35  $143.00, p/h poa


This quality Australian made harness allows the rod to be controlled by one hand while allowing the user complete freedom to move around with the rod.
The harness is great for people with the use of one hand or with limited hand function. It is also suitable for people in wheelchairs.
The harness comes with adjustable strapping which means that it can be fully adjusted for a comfortable fit. Worn on the upper body the harness has adjustable shoulder straps and can also be adjusted around the waist. The rod holder is attached to the front of the harness and can be adjusted for the 'ideal' angle. Once the rod is placed into the rod holder it allows you the freedom to move around and wind the reel in with your functional hand.

FI04b $198.00 p/h $22.50 within Australia

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The Strong Arm is a versatile fishing rod holder. This is an excellent product for anyone with limited or no grip. With this rod holder even lower level quadriplegics can cast by themselves. Made of 6 oz. oil treated leather, it can be worn over or under most clothing. One size fits all. Specify right or left.

$95.00, p/h $7.70


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This device ties knots that hold. Quality knots save lures, fish and time. Useful for anyone and a must for one-handed fishing. Aids fishermen in threading hooks, tying knots, and cutting line. The Ty-All comes with mounting bolt and wing nut, line cutter and threader, and instruction book which illustrates knot tying.

TY01b, $51.00, p/h $7.70

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This clamp-on fishing pole holder keeps a good grip on the pole and makes the reel available for one hand operation. A rigid, heavy-walled PVC plastic tube 1.6" inside diameter x 6" long, holds the fishing rod handle while a slot in the side supports the reel and keeps it from moving while your fish is reeled in. The pole is easily removed from the holder. A clamp with screw and large wing nut make it adaptable to any tubular wheelchair bar 7/8" to 1-1/8" diameter. The holder is also a perfect fit for use on lawn chairs, beach chairs and sports wheelchairs.
FI20 $61.00, p/h $7.70

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