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TAP EZY                NEW PRODUCT

Turns tough outdoor taps with ease.  Simply place the tap-ezy over your existing tap and the extra leverage and comfort will make turning the tap easier. The handy twin pack and bright colour will make tap turning a simple task.

Ideal for people with arthritis, sore hands or weakened grips.  Australian designed.  

SR07 $ 11.00 per twin pack
1 packet - $2.20
2 packets $3.30
3 or more packets - postage free within Australia.

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Ratchet system secateurs provide up to a 4:1 cutting ratio, making branch and stem pruning much easier. They cut cleanly without tearing or ripping and if the blades are kept sharp there will be no bruising which is important to keep plants disease free. They are ideal for people with arthritis or weakened grip.


A lightweight medium duty ratchet pruner. It will cut stems and branches up to 20mm (3/4").
SR01 $49.00, p/h $5.50







Powerkut MkIII is a high performance robust model. Its all metal body and powerful ratchet provides a 4:1 cutting ratio, allowing for intensive cutting of stems and branches up to 25mm (1”), hard or soft wood. Ergonomically designed the secateurs fit comfortably into your hand, allowing for extensive cutting. The angled head reduces the pressure on the wrist and forearm, substantially lowering the risk of tendonitis and RSI. For ease of maintenance and service, the secateurs can be disassembled
SR02 $79.00, p/h $5.50



Includes a fork, trowel and cultivator . These high quality stainless steel garden tools have a specially angled handle making them supremely comfortable to use. By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle they eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools. The green “soft-feel” grip has a non-slip waterproof finish making the tools easy to grip even if you have wet hands. The highly polished finish of the metal part stops soil sticking to the tool making the tools easier to use and clean. These tools can be used with our plug -in support cuff which allows the strength of the forearm to also be used.
SR03  $115.00, inc postage within Australia

Easi-Grip® Cultivator


Easi-Grip® Fork

Easi-Grip® Trowel


Allows strength of the forearm to be used to give greater comfort and control. Very beneficial for those with particularly weak hands and wrists.
Plugs into the back of the soft grip tools in the triple tool pack
SR04  $28.00, inc postage within Australia

Arm Support Cuff

Designed to convert conventional style in-line tools into an ergonomic grip.  Can also be used on long shafted tools such as rakes or hoes to prevent twisting and bending.  Other uses include improved grip for vacuum cleaners, golf trolleys and other sports equipment; when used with arm support cuff household tasks such as sweeping and mopping can be achieved one-handed.  Easily attached by loosening key operated clamps and then slide over tool handle (max diameter 40mm). Add on handles have a soft feel, brightly coloured non slip finish and come with a 2 year guarantee.
SR05  $24.00 for twin pack, inc postage within Australia 



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