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Axiom Improv

Axiom Endeavour

Axiom Push Chairs 


The Adaptive Star Endeavour provides families and caregivers the opportunity to enjoy life with a new perspective of adventure. The Axiom Endeavour is perfect for neighborhood walks, 5 mile runs, mountain trails, beaches, family barbeques or theme parks.
The Axiom Endeavour does it all while providing positioning and comfort for the passenger and has 2 individual adjustable footwells for passenger growth.

The Axiom Endeavour is available in 4 sizes, 2 colors, has a weight capacity up to 112 kg.





The Axiom improv Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair will take you where no other ability pushchair can follow! 

Designed for use as an indoor or outdoor mobility system, this all-terrain pushchair easily glides through grass, gravel, over curbs, and sand.  It comes with the traditional fixed front wheel for the adventurous one, and a optional front swivel wheel kit for superb maneuverability in indoor settings.

The fully adjustable sun canopy shields from any angle and the sophisticated harness system aids with positioning.

The Axiom Improv is vailable in 3 sizes, 2 colors, has a weight capacity up to 91kg



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